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That Beautiful Mind – Small Routine Board with 4 pockets. (Size approx. 30cm x 9cm).

Our Routine boards are simple visual aid tools that have been designed to help parents, teachers and therapists communicate a simple series of activities to a child by showing them what they will be doing throughout the day.

When used correctly, these boards create a daily structure / routine which can help children (especially those with autism, and other additional needs) to know what to expect, understand what is happening next and move smoothly from one activity to another.

** These routine boards are designed to be used vertically OR horizontally and can be stuck to the wall using 3M strips (provided)

What is included in your Routine Board Pack?

  • 1 x Routine board (choose either pink / blue / green) – size 30cm x 9cm
  • 4 x Corresponding self-clinging ‘gecko’ pockets that hold the symbols / photos – size 6cm x 6cm
  • 2 x 3M command poster strips (1 will be attached ready to stick the board to the wall if you wish, the other is a spare)
  • 50 printed TBM symbol cards – size 5cm x 5cm

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How should you use our Routine Boards?

This simple but effective visual schedule can be used to give a child routine and structure throughout the day and improve communication between a caregiver and the child, leading to less frustration when transitioning between tasks.

They can rest against any side / shelf / surface or be fixed to the wall using the 3M strips provided.

  1. Choose 4 symbols or photos of what is happening throughout the day – this can be a routine for the morning / afternoon or even just for the next few hours.
  2. Insert these symbols / photos into the pockets in the correct order.
  3. Show the child the board with symbols / photos visible and point to the first one in the routine sequence. Speak slowly and clearly – tell them what they are going to do now.
  4. When the activity is complete, praise your child and tell them its finished. Then take the pocket off the front and stick it to the back of the board so it can no longer be seen.
  5. Move on to the next pocket and repeat steps 1-4 above.

(Note: You can use your own drawings, photos, visual symbols as well as the TBM symbols that are supplied)

Remember to be patient and consistent with your message and follow through on exactly what is on the board – ALWAYS – so the child learns to trust it as a tool.

Product Information

TBM First & Then Boards come ready to use and have been designed in partnership with Ourboards. They are lightweight, rigid, drywipe boards that have ‘gecko’ self-cling pockets, enabling you to easily insert a visual symbol / photo inside.

TBM Symbols have been exclusively designed in partnership with Stand out Stories. Each pack contains 50 easy clean cards with clear symbols depicting daily routines, food, activities, places, popular objects and other motivators. They are designed primarily for use with our First & Then Boards but can also be used with other visual tools.

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