That Beautiful Mind - Daily Routine Board with 12 self-cling pockets. (Size approx. 33cm x 29cm). Our Daily Routine boards are simple visual aid tools that have been designed to help parents, teachers and therapists communicate a simple series of activities to a child by showing them what they will be doing throughout the day. What is included in your Routine Board Pack?
  • 1 x Daily Routine board (choose either pink / blue / green) - size 33cm x 29cm
  • 12 x Corresponding self-clinging ‘gecko’ pockets that hold the symbols / photos - size 6cm x 6cm
  • 4 x 3M command poster strips (2 will be attached ready to stick the board to the wall if you wish, the others are spares)
  • 50 printed daily routine TBM symbol cards - size 5cm x 5cm
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